Donor Egg Registry of the South

Greenville, SC and Charlotte, NC

Are you interested in becoming an Anonymous Egg Donor?  Being an anonymous egg donor takes dedication, time, flexibility and a generous nature.  The reward is knowing you have given another woman
the chance to have a child of her own.  There is compensation of approximately $4000 for each round of oocyte donation.*

Requirements for being an egg donor:

- Female between 21 and 32 years of age

- Willing to self-inject medications or have a designated friend or family member to give shots twice a day

-100% non-smoker

-Be within the height/weight guidelines (BMI)

-Answer questions about family health history

-Be mentally and physically healthy

-Medical records will be requested from your doctor

-Undergo psychological testing, genetic screening, a physical and lab testing before being approved as a donor.

If you are interested in receiving information about egg donation, please call 1-866-264-1503 (toll free) and a detailed packet will be mailed to you OR you can follow this link and complete the pre-screen application online.

The Donor Egg Registry of the South works with Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists at the Greenville Hospital System’s Center for Women’s Medicine in Greenville, South Carolina and The Carolinas Medical Center Women’s Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Donors generally live within 100 miles of either Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC

* (Compensation can vary between sites; please contact us for current compensations for donors)